Sarah Carroll

Sarah grew up in Sydney and at the age of 19 decided she wanted to travel and explore the world. She flew into London by herself and not knowing anyone, found work quickly with a well known cosmetics brand retailer. Sarah developed a strong skill in customer service and understood each clients needs and provided suitable options based on their requirements. This generated repeat customers and lead to her next role which was with a well known department store. Sarah was required to provide a first class customer experience and again honed skills in communication, while understanding the importance of product knowledge. During this time Sarah visited 25 countries with her favorite been Budapest and Hungary. While overseas Sarah realised the importance of been independent, proactive, managing her finances and time management.

After this time in London, Sarah decided it was time to return to Sydney and study a Bachelor of Business at UTS, with the main aim of broadening her skills. During her first year at University, she  worked in the fashion industry.

Sarah enjoys drawing, textile design, reading and been outdoors.