Avoid the stress of having your investment property vacant for too long!


It can become very stressful when your investment property is not leased quickly enough and could end up costing you a lot of extra money but this doesn’t have to be case.

The first step is to understand what is happening in the rental market within your suburb and surrounding suburbs. The best way to do this is to go onto the domain website (www.domain.com.au) and see how many units/houses are on the market.

According to REI NSW, the vacancy rate in Sydney as at October 2018 is 2.9% and we are the highest levels we have seen for 13 years. Inner Sydney has a vacancy rate of 2.8%, again we are the highest levels we have seen for 14 years. 

As of 20/11/18 we searched the domain website to see what was happening and found;

  • Sydney CBD has over 300 apartments available for lease
  • North Sydney has over 200 apartments available for lease
  • Chatswood has over 180 apartments available for lease
  • Randwick has over 160 apartments available for lease
  • Zetland has over 160 apartments available for lease
  • Chippendale has over 150 apartments available for lease
  • Surry Hills has over 130 apartments available for lease
  • Mosman¬†has over 120 apartments & over 40 houses available for lease
  • Potts Point has over 115 apartments available for lease
  • Neutral Bay has over 90 apartments available for lease
  • Darlinghurst has over 80 apartments available for lease
  • Bondi Junction has over 60 apartments available for lease
  • Paddington has over 30 houses for lease

So what you can see is that some suburbs have a high vacancy rate and setting the rent is the most important aspect of ensuring your property is leased quickly. What this means to you is that a prospective tenant has a huge selection of properties to choose from.

Our office suggests the following tips:

  • Set the asking rent at or slightly below market rent
  • Ensure the property is clean and well presented
  • Attend to any minor repairs
  • Arrange for professional photos
  • Ensure the copy highlights the best features of the property
  • If possible, put up a for lease sign
  • Ensure the property is marketed online with major websites (www.realestate.com.au & www.domain.com.au)
  • Share the link with your friends on social media
  • If over $1000pw ensure you invest in social media marketing
  • Make adjustments if the plan is not working
  • Ensure the property is shown quickly to a prospective tenant
  • Consider allowing pets
  • Listen and take advice from your property manager

We have opened a second office in North Sydney.


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