Should I Offer My Tenants a Rental Lease Renewal?

If you own investment property, choosing whether to offer a rental lease renewal probably seems straight forward – if you have a good tenant then lock them in; if there’s been issues then let them go. But is it really that simple?  As a landlord, keeping quality tenants in your property not only maximises your rental returns, it increases the stability and security of your investment. Obviously, negotiating a…Read More→

Residential Tenancies Act NSW

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act NSW – what they mean for you

The laws governing residential rental properties in NSW have been revised. As a result, from Monday 23 March, there will be a number of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act for both tenants and landlords.  Described as the “biggest shake up of rental laws in more than two decades”, the new regulations are designed to increase protections for tenants and reduce disputes over repairs and maintenance. The new legislation also helps make the…Read More→

Property Valuation

The Top 3 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Valuation of Property

Every Homeowner Needs a Valuation of Property If you own real estate, you’ve probably wondered, ‘how much is my property worth?’. Even if you knew your property’s market value when you bought it, real estate market values change over time. As such, it’s highly unlikely the amount you paid for your property years ago is the same as what you would sell it for now.  To find out what your place is…Read More→

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