Top Tips on Securing a Rental Property

As every experienced tenant knows, securing a rental property can take a lot of time and plenty of effort. First, there’s the search, where you spend multiple hours sifting through online listings and multiple weekends rushing between inspections. Then there’s the application, where you spend several more hours gathering documents and completing forms, with no…Read More→

How Upsizers and Downsizers Are Shaping the Sydney Property Market

As experienced real estate agents, we have long appreciated the critical role upsizers and downsizers play in the property market. We have seen how they help drive the flow of new listings, as they move along the property ladder. We have also recognised them as a key market segment and a clear target for many…Read More→

Body Corporates Cracking Down on Airbnb and Short Term Leasing

Over the last few years, we have seen increasing anxiety among body corporates about Airbnb activity in their developments. In particular, they are worried about the behaviour of guests, the potential for damage, and disturbance of other residents. Many are also concerned about the impact on security, as new people are regularly given access to…Read More→

Property Investment with Rising Interest Rates

With interest rates rising, property investment is becoming more challenging to get right. Each rate rise adds to the cost of maintaining a property and eating into returns. This makes it harder to make the numbers work, and many investors are choosing to put their money elsewhere. That said, there are some benefits to investing…Read More→

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