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5 tips for selling your apartment / house in a buyer’s market

Are you looking to sell your own apartment / house, but worried now’s not the time?

While the general consensus is that buyers have the power in a market where most properties are taking longer to sell, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house fast… and for a great price!

Working out how to sell a house can be quite daunting. However, if you’re looking to sell your house fast, here are some of our tips for the best way to sell property in a buyer’s market.

Tip #1: Picking the right time

Timing should be one of your first considerations when thinking about how to sell your house.

The best way to sell property is to list when supply is low. A good agent will be able to advise you on the best time of year for your property.

Tip #2: Setting the right price

The best way to sell your house is to make sure the price is right.

When you’re looking to sell your own house, setting the price can involve a lot of emotion. You would have likely really enjoyed living in the property and likely had some amazing memories. It’s hard to step back and look at your property as a buyer and not someone that has enjoyed living in the property.

You need to be objective and look at recent comparable sale properties. If you set the price too high, its likely you will not get much interest or no offers. Buyers inspect properties that appear good value and don’t bother to inspect properties that they feel are high. You need to keep in mind the reason you’re selling your property.


Tip #3: Choosing the right method of sale

When planning how to sell your house you need to consider HOW to sell your house. The two main methods for selling properties in Australia are auction and private treaty.

The best way to sell your house will depend on the type of property. While auctions can achieve higher prices – particularly for unique properties or when it’s a sellers’ market – selling by private treaty may be a good option where the supply of property is higher than demand.

Tip #4: Looking good online

As most buyers start their search online, digital marketing is one of the most important tools when considering how to sell a house. The best way to sell a property is to make sure you have high-quality images that show off its best features.

A professional photographer can help with this. They will be able to capture your property’s best side, making sure it looks bright and spacious.

Another good option is styling your property with furniture – a stylist job is to create space and a nice ambience, as a buyer walks through your property. This will allow potential buyers see how they could use the space and may help you sell your house fast.

Tip #5: Looking the best in person

Once you’ve got potential buyers to the property, you need to make them fall in love with it. That’s why, when you’re considering the best way to sell your house, you need to think about the best way to present it.

The whole property needs to be clean and tidy – including any outdoor or garden space. You may also want to consider doing some minor maintenance / repairs, like repainting the walls and fixing anything that’s broken.


We sold 1/82 Birriga Road Bellevue Hill at the ASKING PRICE IN 18 DAYS by applying these 5 tips.


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