Kristalla Stavrianos

Meet Kristalla Stavrianos

Kristalla takes her time to listen and empathise with every client, so that she can provide a personal service. 

With over 20 years of experience under the belt – Kristalla has seen it all!

She knows what people need when they’re looking for professional advice on how best handle any issues or concerns about their investments. 

Kristalla owns properties so she understands what every investor is going through and guides them through their investment journey. 

Kristalla, educated at Ascham School Edgecliff, a university-trained teacher, is a long-term resident of Paddington and Woollahra, brings her experience from both local schools as well as the family business to Local Agency Co. 

Her parents have successfully operated real estate offices over 40 years, which has given her passion for excellence when it comes to customer service; just like Kristalla’s brother, Michael, who also works here, too!

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