Michael Stavrianos

Meet Michael Stavrianos

Michael was born into a family that owned and operated real estate businesses for over 40 years. Michael was exposed to the real estate world from an early age and became very interested and inquisitive after hearing his parent’s stories every night and would often spend time in his school holidays helping his parents at the office. This helped to instill Michael’s values of hard work and an understanding of the property market. Michael initially decided to pursue a career in property because he enjoyed helping in his parents business and was curious to find out more.

Michael has gained extensive property experience over the past 25 years, including corporate real estate companies such as Knight Frank and Colliers International. Michael has acquired knowledge in the areas of valuation, property management, residential sales/leasing, and commercial sales/leasing. This enables Michael to provide accurate and sound advice.

Michael says the best part of his work is making a difference to people’s lives. He never forgets when Wendy who said to him after we sold her property “thank you, the extra money you achieved will help me retire earlier and be able to enjoy my life more”.

Clients select Michael because he is upfront and tells things as they are and doesn’t indicate to them a high price to gain their business plus he is very calm and relaxed. Michael’s nature helps in tough, stressful and emotional situations like selling a property. It is very common that clients are amazed at the outcome because they had given him instructions to sell at a specific price but he achieved much more than the original price or the price they instructed him to sell the property.

Michael has sold studio’s, apartments, terraces, houses and block of flats with the highest price for a property sold been $8.5m.

Michael was educated at Cranbrook School and is a long-term resident of Paddington and Woollahra, with an in depth understanding and knowledge of the area. In his spare time, Michael loves reading, attending seminars, spending time in the local area, spending time with family/friends, keeping fit/exercising, and sets an exercise goal every year. Last year was to complete his first half marathon and this year was to compete in sprints at the Pan Pacific Master Games.

Michael is extremely passionate about his work and this is what he shares about his values:

“We really want to help people and make a difference to their lives”.

“Our office doesn’t want to lease and sell the most properties, we value people and relationships. It is common that our clients become our friends.”

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