Perfect Project Case Study


Rental Case Study – 2 bedroom apartment

Pre-renovation rental price                $ 680 ($35,360 annual)

Post-renovation rental price               $ 750 ($39,000 annual)

Annual rental return increase             $ 3,640

Owner investment on renovation  $ 15,600

Perfect Plan Fee                                $ 5,500

Period of time to renovate                  6 weeks

All improvements made to property are tax deductible in that current year.


Sale Case Study – 2 bedroom apartment

Pre-renovation valuation                $900,000

Post-renovation sale price              $1,226,000

Difference                                    $326,000

Owner investment on renovation     $ 15,600

Home styling                                 $ 3,600

Perfect Plan Fee                             $ 5,500

Period of time to renovate               6 weeks


Siobhan from Perfect Plan is offering our clients an assessment of your investment, normally valued at $990, however until 22 December is complimentary.

What you will receive is:

  • ​Full audit report of your property outlining required works to maximise your return on rent/sale
  • List of required tradespeople to attain your goal including cost estimates based on trade quotations 
  • Order of works 
  • Timeline for works 
  • Suggested list of easy fixes that can be done without help from a specialist 
  • Colour scheme recommendations


Let’s get started with a free preliminary assessment of your property