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    Before we get into our RENTdiculous offer
    let’s cover off a few things;

    tenants main reasons

    What are the main reasons properties don’t get leased out quickly?

    • Asking rent is too high
    • Weekly changes are not made to the marketing or asking rent
    • Slow or no response to an enquiry
    • Open times that don’t suit the property
    • Only offering a 12 month lease and nothing shorter

    How do you pick good tenants

    • No 1 reason unsuitable tenants are selected is the inexperience of the letting agent showing the property – they are normally young and lack the experience of dealing with people
    • Look for red flags like someone that offers above the asking price or someone that doesn’t have any agents references or someone that is desperate to move into a property tomorrow
    • Constantly keep prospective tenants updated on the process – the more you interact with them, the better you get to know them
    • Review applications carefully but quickly
    finding good tenants
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    So don’t go and look up if RENTdiculous is a word… sorry its not!

    You might ask why make this offer?

    We’ve been in business for close to 20 years
    and we know how to find great tenants quickly

    Video Testimonial from Sam, we have managed his portfolio of properties for over 10 years.
    Video Testimonial from Jerel, who says you can “sit back and know you have been taken care of”
    Video Testimonial from Anna, who was with a larger property management company 5 years ago with property managers that were constantly changing and the final decision to move away was the unsuitable tenants they selected.

    What’s the catch?

    We would love you to stay with us for a while

    The only catch is that if you decide to leave us before 14 months then we would need to charge a fee for finding the tenant.

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