Tenant Moving Out Procedure

Tenant Moving Out Procedure


Could you please read the guide below to assist with the process of moving out.


Once you have sent through the correct vacating notice, the following will be applicable:



  • Rent is due until all keys are returned to our office/or the agent at the final inspection


  • The property must be cleaned and vacant prior to returning the keys. Rent will be charged until this has taken place.


  • The bond is not to be used as rent; it is security for any damage or issues related to the property


  • Please cancel all direct debits through DEFT at Macquarie Bank. Our office will advise of the final amount owing.



  • We will be seeking your co-operation to show prospective tenants through to re-let the property. (Please Note: Refer to Clause 23 of your lease agreement)


  • Please ensure the property is presentable during the inspections



  • Please close off your telephone, internet, electricity and gas accounts


  • If you are in an apartment, please be careful of the common areas, such as hallways, foyers and lifts. You may also be required to advise the on-site building manager if applicable.


  • Please redirect your own mail, our office does not take responsibility for your mail


Returning of Keys

  • Return all keys and remotes to our office during weekday business hours. If after 12pm, you will be required to pay rent for that day. Please send our office an email advising when we expect to receive your keys.


  • After hours drop off to our mail slot (front door of our office)


Final Inspection

  • The Final Inspection is carried out once the property is vacant and cleaned throughout, no rubbish or personal items should be left in the property.


  • If the property is furnished, then please ensure all furniture is left in clean and good condition.


  • Please organise a professional cleaner well in advance prior to vacating (Receipt required)


  • If there are stains on the carpet, you are required to have the carpet professionally cleaned. (Receipt required)


  • Once the final inspection has taken place (either with or without the agent), we will send through a bond claim form.


  • If all rent is paid up to date, water usage and dishonour fees have been paid, and the property is professionally cleaned throughout, the bond process is easy and will be refunded promptly.


  • If you decide to do your own cleaning, then this may affect your bond and delay the process.


  • We highly recommend the professional cleaning to avoid issues with receiving your bond in full



Recommended cleaners:

  • Carpet Cleaner – Ultra Clean Carpets – 0416 233 533
  • Unico Cleaning Service – info@unicocleaning.com.au
  • Rohini’s Cleaning Service – 0407 664 721


(You can use your own cleaners; however a receipt will be required)


Thank you for taking the time to use this guide; it will make the process of moving out easier and ensure a prompt refund of all of your bond.


Thank you for your co-operation.