Michael and Kristalla Stavrianos are both directors of the Local Agency Co. They are siblings who were born into a family that owned and operated real estate businesses for over 40 years.

They were exposed to the real estate world from an early age and became very interested and inquisitive after hearing their parent’s stories every night at the dinner table. Michael and Kristalla often spent time in their school holidays helping their parents at the office. They were given lots of tasks to do, including answering phones, filing and delivering flyers. This helped to instill their values of hard work and an understanding of the property market from a young age.

They built their business from scratch which has taught them to value and appreciate every client. Today more than 50% of their property management clients have been with them for over 8 years and more than 80% of their sales business is from current and past clients or referrals.

After 17 years in business, Michael and Kristalla would like to say to their current and future clients:

“When you walk into our offices you feel like you’re part of our family and you will enjoy time in our lounge room. Our team is one big family where everyone loves coming to work. We really want to help people and make a difference to their lives”.

“Our office doesn’t want to lease and sell the most properties, we value people and relationships. It is common that our clients become our friends.”

“We want to educate you on what people do in the real estate industry to get your business so it benefits them and not you”.

It’s important to know that our vision is to change how our world views real estate agents and be thanked and appreciated for making a difference to people’s lives.

We have offices in Paddington and North Sydney.

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