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Property Management Sydney

We’re your local property management professionals that help property investors SAVE MONEY + TIME & REDUCE STRESS by finding great tenants quickly, that will care and look after your property. We have over 17 years experience, specialising in leasing & property management in Sydney with offices in Paddington & North Sydney.


Rent my property

We can help you “rent my property”. Our office will update you on the rental market, provide you with rental amount you’re likely to achieve, how long it will take to find a tenant, advise if any improvements or work are required, explain how everything works, cover property management fees & help match you with a suitable property manager / rent manager.

July Promotion – If we can’t secure a new tenant for your property in 24 days then you can move on day 25 with no charge or stay and receive a $400 credit towards leasing your property



Property Management Services

Our boutique responsive team offers a range of property management services that includes leasing & managing properties.

Rental Property Management which involves renting out your property & finding new tenants.

Do you want a good tenant?

Benefit from our years of experience of selecting great tenants. Our leasing agents & property manager’s are not straight out of school or university, they are older & have more life experience. They are trained to pick good tenants.

Managing your investment property, we take care of every aspect of managing your property. We’re constantly innovating within our business so we take away the administration side from our property managers, so they can focus on the important aspects of property management.

Why Local Agency Co?

Director is in the property management department

Director’s support & guide the property management team

We offer a trial period

Online landlord portal

Relevant property management BLOG’s

Relevant property management newsletters with recommendations

Automation’s used to assist with managing your property

Promotions / Offers / Competitions for existing clients

Provide a high level of service to tenants

Ending terms with our agency is 30 days

2 property management packages


Let’s get started with peace of mind property management


Don’t make the same mistake a lot of investors make and select the wrong agent to manage their property.