Body Corporate Meetings

body corporate meeting


As a result of apartment owners requesting us to attend Body Corporate meetings on their behalf, we have decided to add this as a NEW SERVICE for our clients. 

What we will do?

  • Attend a meeting on your behalf
  • Act under your instructions during the meeting
  • Vote on your behalf
  • Provide a written summary to you and provide any recommendations after the meeting

What is the cost?

  • Minimum charge of $150 per meeting
  • If the meeting goes over 1hr 30mins, then an additional cost of $60 per hour
  • You could instruct us to stay for 1hr 30mins
  • We will invoice you after the meeting and deduct the payment at the end of the month

I’m interested in you attending a Body Corporate on my behalf

(* Current charges are effective until 31 December 2019)

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