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Understanding the COVID property market

There’s always an unpredictability to the property market, but COVID has made this much worse. And, while we had hoped the crisis was largely behind us, it appears that uncertainty is our new normal. This has many market watchers wondering what will happen next. There are many factors that influence the state of the property…Read More→

valuation of property

The Top 3 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Valuation of Property

Every Homeowner Needs a Valuation of Property If you own real estate, you’ve probably wondered, ‘how much is my property worth?’. Even if you knew your property’s market value when you bought it, real estate market values change over time. As such, it’s highly unlikely the amount you paid for your property years ago is the same as what you would sell it for now.  To find out what your place is…Read More→


Off Market Properties Should be Considered When Buying Or Selling.

4 Biggest Benefits Of Off Market Properties Whether you’re buying or selling a property, there are many reasons you should consider going off market. In the simplest terms, off market properties are for sale, but aren’t advertised via the traditional channels. While this may seem like a counter intuitive way to sell property, as the…Read More→

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