What Questions Should I Ask A Property Manager?

Tips to selecting the best property manager / office!


What questions should you ask?


Ideally deal with a director of the business or a property manager that has been in the same office for a while. A lot of property manager’s change jobs every 6-18 months. So ask how long have you been a property manager in that office?

If the person is less experienced then ask does a director or a senior property manager guide or support everything you do?

Ask how long have been a property manager for?

Ask what has been the most difficult situation you have had to deal with and how did you solve the issue?

Select an office for a support team of at least 2 people in the property management division. This means the property manager is not doing everything. Ask how many in the property management team?

Select an office that does not have juniors showing rental properties. Look on the website and ask who shows rental properties?

Select a property management office that doesn’t go NCAT too frequently (this is a tribunal for resolving disputes between an owner and a tenant). This shows how an office treats / deals with tenants.

Ask when the last time they went to the tribunal and what was the dispute for?

Select an office that has tenant and owner login portals. Ask if they have login portals?

Select an office that has automation in place, this means reminders will automatically be sent, such as when a tenant is 2 days late in rent or when the lease is due to expire. They will also communicate with you more often. Ask do they have automation in place?

Select an office that adds value to you. Ask ways they can add value to you?

Select an office that has different rates / packages. Not everyone wants full service property management. Ask if they have different packages available?

Select an office that has a guarantee if you are not happy after a certain period of time after commencing you can change without any penalty. Ask what guarantees are available?


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